4 Methods to Make Classroom Typing Fun

Many teachers focus on speed and accuracy when trying to teach children how to type. However, this might not be the best approach, especially if your students are still enjoying the early years of their life.

Instead of letting the kids type faster and more accurate than what their current abilities can handle, you should focus on a typing program that’ll allow the students to type well enough without disrupting their train of thought. In doing so, their typing skills will progress in a manner that’s similar to breathing. In other words, the words will pop out on the computer screen as naturally as possible. Here are some ways to make learning how to type in a classroom setting fun for everyone.

Collaborate Notes With Google Applications

Google applications like Docs, Presentations, and Sheets allow many users to collaborate on a single file. Students can take advantage of these online services to pool important notes together. With the use of these online applications, the question “were you able to get that?” might now be a thing of the past as other students can immediately note down what a teacher said even though an individual might not have heard what has been recently said.

Digital Note Taking

It’s no question that taking notes with the use of a keyboard is faster than writing on a notebook or a piece of paper with a pen or pencil. Hence, students don’t have to worry too much if the teacher is writing too fast or if the slides move on while they’re still in a previous section of the lesson. Of course, the teacher still has to take the lesson proper into account and not just focus on typing speed.

Don’t Just Focus on Typing

Albeit typing lessons are mainly for using the keyboard, it shouldn’t just be for that single purpose alone. Make students use the computer keyboard for other means, such as commenting on Discussion Boards and blogs, or perhaps letting them research online as they type words and phrases inside search bars. The student can also write journals and reports with the use of the computer and its keyboard while they’re listening to class as a way to make note taking more efficient and faster than before.

Let Them Take Online Quizzes

There are many typing applications available on the Internet, and some can even spark friendly competitions within the classroom setting. In doing so, it allows students to engage in a friendly match between classmates as to who gets the best score. Some online typing tutorials will focus on speed and students can compare their accuracy scores once they’ve accomplished the brief examination.

Most students don’t like to hear the word “lesson” or “learning” because they think it’s just going to be nothing but a boring day of listening to an educator talking for the entire day. However, it doesn’t have to be this type of scenario; you can make your students learn classroom typing while everyone can still have fun with the lessons.

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