3 Highly Effective SEO Practices for 2017

It doesn’t take one to learn rocket science to know about the best SEO practices. In fact, SEO isn’t even a science, to begin with. However, there are certain strategies that can significantly increase the chances of websites and online pages to gain the upper hand against their competitors.

If you know about these strategies, then you can spend your time and effort wisely in doing things that’ll drive results. If not, then just think of it as driving a car in circles; while you’re doing something, you’re getting nowhere fast. In this post, we’re going to outline 3 of the most effective Search Engine Optimization strategies that you should focus on for 2017.

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Don’t Forget About Mobile Browsing


Over the years, there’s an increasing number of people who are embracing mobile technology. Reports indicate that the figure found on the number of mobile users browsing the online realm with the use of their smartphones or tablets is still increasing to this day. While it has been already apparent in the past few years that mobile browsing has become a “thing,” it wasn’t until around November 2016 that Google released an algorithm to help support this trend. It was the search engine’s first mobile-first index, and it allows pages to have a higher likelihood of acquiring a high rank if the site is optimized for mobile use.

Engage in Link Building, But Not Like Before


There was a time when Google’s algorithm was that of a simple one – as long as it’s a link, it’ll count. However, the algorithm grew smarter over the years, and it can now discern bad quality links from the good ones. Keep in mind that link building is still very much alive in this day and age, but now you have to be smart as to where you should place your links. Google’s algorithm now checks the content inside those links that you put out on the World Wide Web. In short, if the content isn’t relevant to the anchor text, then the links won’t help your site rank by one bit.

Consider Shortening Your URLs


Gone are the days where ultra-long URLs were still a convenient way of putting your website on the online realm. Now, keywords are given more importance today than ever before. In fact, if the keyword that you’re trying to rank can be found on the page’s URL, then you may have a higher chance of gaining a higher rank in search results as opposed to some of your competitors. Even though Google doesn’t mind if your URL is extremely long, the search engine did warn site owners that any term after the first five words won’t be given much importance.

Note that this list is far from being extensive, and there are plenty of other great SEO practices out there. If you’re in need of additional assistance in ranking your website, then perhaps getting the professional aid of an SEO Agentur should be in your best interest.

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