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E-check for educational institutions in India

E-check for educational institutions in India

Bit confused to hear a new term E-check? It’s not so complicated at all. It’s too simple because E represents Electronic and check is for checking the standards of educational institutions. Every student has to face lot of exams to crack his shell likewise all institutions must undergo series of tests to get a good ranking. As India is concerned, NAAC plays a vital role in setting up the standards of a firm.

Know about NAAC

NAAC –National Assessment and Accreditation Council was found in 1994. It performs in the area of education which checks to firms in meeting up with a particular standard. It creates an important role in checking for the quality of education provided by the organizations. It only ranks the colleges based on their performances on all aspects. It has connections worldwide and it acts as member of various top education quality check groups.

Know about NAAC


Initially NAAC used to send a peer teams to selective firms to collect reports from their organization. Its main motive is to provide students an effective zone for study. By checking the firms on yearly basis allows them to stabilize the standards in parts of education as well as extra circular activities. The value framework of NAAC is to look after the global standards merging with Indian educational system.

Brand new rules of NAAC

As trends keep on getting higher in every field, NAAC has also come out with fresh ideas on track to get going in a faster way. Mostly time NAAC cluster goes for analysis in all educational firms in order to triple check the data given by the colleges. This leads the data collection process for a long term one. Just to minimize human work computers come to help the occasion. Cloud technology becoming the hit hero of the era it is about to get used in NAAC too. Intelligent software has been created for captured data online and it is created especially for error-free data. This system is created in such a way that it is hard to hack. The new rules are as follows

  • All educational institutions must submit their data digitally on online
  • Whatever saved online cannot be changed
  • Only some assessors will be reviewing reports in educational firms
  • If some colleges found to give false data then they will be penalized

The news is out but official notifications will be progressed as soon as possible. There will be a little delay in the process for about three months because the whole system is getting digitalized.

Simple Things To Do To Be Happy In Life Like Never Before

Simple Things To Do To Be Happy In Life Like Never Before

The secret of happiness is what every human being is after. But the secrets are not complicated as most of us may think. Simplicity is bliss and there are a few things you can do to be happier in life than where you are right now. Do not let sadness and sorrowfulness grip your daily life.

Play With Kids – If you have kids at your home, do not miss the chance of playing with them for at least half an hour. You would understand that they are happy naturally without having anything and you will later appreciate spending happy time with them. It will change your mood for good.

Appreciate Things – We do not appreciate things around us and take everything for granted. As a matter of fact, we always crave for things that we do not have and do not use the existing things to their full potential. Once you start appreciating things, your viewpoint on life would change completely. You can be happy with the things you have rather than being sad for what you do not have.

Bring Happiness For Others

Positive Conversation – Talk to people more often who are close to you and always give you positive vibes. Ignore negative people as much as you can. Positivity is the key to happiness in every life situation.

Bring Happiness For Others – Volunteer in helping activities, gift someone something that makes them happy, help poor people, visit old age homes or orphanages and you will see that the secret of your happiness lies in those activities that make other happy.

Be One With Nature – Take your time out to travel to different places and be close to nature as much as you can. Vacation also helps to uplift your mood significantly.

Kick Start Your Day – Prepare a fixed plan for the morning like jogging, yoga, exercise, favorite breakfast and likewise. Whatever you do, make sure it interests you. How you start, your day is important in determining how your mood will be for the rest of the day, at least up till lunch. Yoga and breathing exercises can bring about a change in your state of mind for good.

Meditation – There is no better tool that meditation for bringing happiness and blissfulness. It can transform you completely, and once the peace of mind is restored, you will start seeing things that way they are and remain detached from an emotional point of view. We get too emotional about things and make our mood bad. Meditation can bring consciousness to your body, mind, and spirit.

Do these simple things in life and try to be conscious in every activity you do and realize inner happiness bursting out of your core.



Travel means different things to different people, for some it means travelling for business, for some people it means travelling to meet family members and relatives and for some crazy and interesting people it means adventure. Why people travel depends on a lot of reasons which can be analyze by what people do and what are their occupation or profession. There are many people who travel on business, travel for adventure and some people also travel for pleasure. Travelling helps in developing the characteristic of the person and may him or her aware of the different situations and places. Travelling leads to unravels the beauties of the world that most of the people are unfamiliar with. When people travel they can discover and find new, interesting and beautiful places and they also get to know about the different important cultures that they were not aware of.



There are many people who love to travel so that they can do all those incredibly and adventurous things. It’s a great and new experience. People travel because their life is full of discovering and experiences. The more they will travel the more experience they will get. While travelling people is will discover the new things, they will meet different people of the different culture and state, you can see their way of living etc. Travelling is easy which will help you to open your eyes and make you aware of your strength and weakness; it will help you to learn and discover yourself and let you know who you are, it helps in building new and healthy relationship between the peoples, it helps in developing the skills of the people that they must be not aware of, etc.

Travelling teaches you a different way of living and helps you to make some great memories. When you will turn 70 or 80 years old, you can talk about your travelling experience with your family, your grand children, show them the photographs, etc. It opens up your way of thinking and come to know about the geography features of the different states. Another importance of travelling is that it has the advantage and potential to improve your health. Doctors also advice people to visit different places such as Darjelling, Nanital, Ooty and other hilly station to change their living atmosphere which can have a great effect on their health and can improve it.



Bargain seekers in India have always been spoilt for choice due to the sheer volume of so called flea markets. But certain cities come to mind the second someone mentions budget shopping. One of the most prominent among these is Mumbai!

The financial capital of India is also a shoppers dream come true. The markets in Mumbai are in fact a financial backbone for several small businesses in India, who purchase goods in bulk from Mumbai. Textile merchants from all over India depend on the several markets in Mumbai for good quality fabrics and garments at reasonable prices. One such market that has attained legendary status among shoppers is Colaba Causeway. Handicrafts, jewelry, spices, books and myriad other items are sold by the thousand every day. How much you end up spending at Colaba depends on how well you bargain! Also several popular Mumbai hangout spots such as Café Leopold and Café Mondegar are situated very close by, giving shoppers respite from the heat, and a chance to relax.


If a taste of Mumbai’s history is what you seek, then Chor Bazaar is the place to be. Situated at the very heart of Muslim Mumbai, Chor Bazaar has seen the same level of activity for 150 years. The name was initially a British mispronunciation of Shor Bazaar, or “Noisy Market”. But eventually, the bazaar gained a reputation as a hotbed for the trade of stolen goods, and the name stuck. The most sought after items at Chor Bazaar are antiques and vintage items. Bronze items, handicrafts and other decorative items also see a booming trade.

Fashion Street, as the name suggests sees several thousand people visit it every day. The market mainly caters to college students and young professionals who seek out fake branded apparel and accessories at much discounted prices. Footwear, belts and western clothes are the most in demand items at Fashion Street, and it has been the go- to place for fashionable Mumbaikars for decades!

There will never be a dearth in India for budget shopping destinations. The average Indian consumer has kept faith in these institutions even with the advent of online shopping. There is a romance to striking your own deal which these apps can never replicate!

Happy shopping!

Coolest SmartwatchesTo Buy In 2017 That Will Define Your Personality

Coolest SmartwatchesTo Buy In 2017 That Will Define Your Personality

Smartwatches are one of the coolest gadgets to own in 2017, and unlike the ones that were there in 2016, companies have really revamped their products and lived up to the expectations with amazing features. Here are some of the coolest smartwatches you should consider buying without any delay.

LG Watch Sport

Apple Watch Series 2

iWatch Series 1 lacked precision and features. iWatch Series 2 is simply awesome. It has built-in GPS, completely waterproof and one can get all the stats related to health and integrate it with Siri. Apart from usual activities of a smartwatch like customized display, calendar, listening to music, receiving calls and checking out messages, it shows how much you have traveled and lost calories, information about heartbeat, sleeping, and breathing. You can also check apps and get information like weather, news and other necessities. Exercising will become fun with it as there are achievements and badges for achieving milestones. It also sends notifications to keep you active.

Price – $369

LG Watch Sport

LG Watch Sport is a really cool smartwatch, and the best part is it does not look like one. You can do everything that Apple Watch Series 2 can do. Additionally, you can integrate third-party apps and use Android Pay. But it is not suitable for wearing inside swimming pool and is little bulky. The unique part is you can use it in your gym and get some useful real-time analytics thanks to Google Fit. It has circular shape rather than square as in iWatch. You can charge it wirelessly.

Price – $349

Sony Smartwatch 3

It is a great competition for LG and Apple. It has long battery life and can track activities and movements and sync the data in a fitness app. Apart from GPS, it comes with a compass, accelerometer to detect what exactly you are doing and Gyro measures the movement accurately. It has Wi-Fi and you can check notifications on your smartphone through it and even reply to messages. You can change the strap any time.

Sony Smartwatch 3

Price – $329

FitBit Surge

It is probably the coolest smartwatch on the list. It has all the necessary features as in all other smartwatches. It can track activities with multi-sport modes. Battery life is longest. It monitors your sleep better than other and alarm system is innovative. It has wireless syncing, notification option and you can view progress and records and get badges for health achievements.

Price – $248

You can also check out Samsung Gear S3, LG Watch Style, Casio Smart outdoor Watch, Motorola Moto 360 Sport and Asus ZenWatch 3.